New and Used Medical Equipment, Surgical Equipment, Hospital Equipment and Surgical Instruments

  • Savings

With over 20 years of service, Medical Inventory Control provides access to new, used, and refurbished equipment at up to a 50% savings to you.  We have a showroom and warehouse with a vast inventory including over 200,000 surgical instruments, surgical equipment, medical equipment, hospital equipment, diagnostic equipment and more.

  • Experience

Medical Inventory Control has extensive experience with medical products and surgical specialties.  With our staff of experts in Medical and Surgical Equipment, we have the experience and the knowledge that you are seeking.  We offer brand name products at discounted prices.  We also offer consulting services for surgery center setup, and expansion projects.

  • Guarantee

Medical Inventory Control provides a product guarantee with terms depending on the type of equipment. In addition, when you're ready to upgrade the equipment, we'll offer a credit toward the purchase of your upgrade equipment from us.

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